DAY 22: Your worst habits 

  1. I bite my lip/the inside of my cheek when I’m nervous
  2. When I’m driving and I panic, I tend to accelerate instead of braking
  3. I’ll skip a meal (usually accidentally) then binge eat everything in the fridge
  4. This might be a little gross to admit, but whenever I have a sore or a scab etc., I have to obsessively pick at it
  5. I probably consume too much sugar
  6. I’m addicted to Coke Zero and I don’t care if it’s unhealthy
  7. I crack my knuckles
  8. I tap my pen when I’m writing something and have to take a break
  9. I’m extremely impatient
  10. I tap my foot when I’m nervous about something
  11. I mumble when I speak
  12. I ignore what I can’t control
  13. I cry when I’m extremely stressed out
  14. I play with my food
  15. I can be an extremely fussy eater

– x0


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