DAY 15: Where you will be in 5 years

It’s only a little ironic that I just finished watching the Season 6B return episode of Pretty Little Liars, which happens to follow the characters five years from where we left them. It made me think of today’s blog challenge, not that I find myself in any sort of similar circumstances, but seeing some of my favourite characters age and grow up made me realise something… I’m growing up too. And quite quickly. In 5 years I’ll be 24 years old, soon to be 25. As of right now that may seem like an eon away but if the passing of 2015 in the blink of an eye is any indication, it’ll be here before I even know it. So this is where I’m hoping I’ll be, 5 years from now in the early days of 2021 (how strange does that sound?).

  • In a steady job working toward a budding career
  • Living somewhere that isn’t my childhood home, with someone I love
  • Finished, or at least near-completing, the first draft or final copy of a novel (whether it be my first, second, third etc.)
  • I want to have studied professional writing and/or editing for at least a year, which is something I’ve wanted to do (either alongside my bachelor’s degree or following it) for a very long time now
  • Somewhere in Europe, or at least saving money toward a much needed and (hopefully) extremely drawn-out European holiday

– x0


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