DAY 14: 3 healthy habits

1. Drinking 2L of water per day
Now I’ll admit that I’m not the best at sticking with this goal every single day. It can be hard on some days, especially days where I don’t have anything to drink until later on in the afternoon. However, I can definitely notice a difference within myself when I drink this much water, especially consistently. My skin clears up significantly (which is easy for me to notice considering I have pretty bad skin to begin with), I feel a lot healthier on the inside, and it also makes me feel like a lot of the bad stuff, such as toxins and oils, are being flushed out of my system. If I have a day where I eat not-so healthily, or I have very little to drink, the following day I love refreshing my system and cleansing it with a lot of water. If I’m feeling particularly bad, I’ll add lemon as well to counteract any toxins.

2. Getting enough sleep
I have very low iron levels, and this means that I get tired quite easily. I can usually get away with very little sleep throughout the night, but having at least 8 hours (if not more) certainly makes the difference during the day. I try to get at least 8 hours every night, 10 if I’m feeling adventurous. I usually won’t get any less than that unless I’m seriously ill or just having that much trouble falling asleep (which usually only happens when it’s an extremely hot night). This is such an important healthy habit, especially during the school year. I’m on summer holidays right now so it’s a lot easier for me to both fall asleep and manage to get a decent amount of hours worth, but I understand the struggle once university starts up again. I’m already dreading the struggle it’ll be to transition back into a busy schedule. Sleep is so important, and it’s definitely something that a lot of people fail to recognise or prioritise. Sleep literally helps your system recover and repair overnight, and it might just be the budding psychologist in me, but sleep deprivation also has important mental and physical ramifications.

3. Walking daily
I love walking. Honestly, I love it. I try to walk for at least an hour everyday, and most days I manage to do so. Now I know walking isn’t the most vigorous form of exercise, and it doesn’t compare to the standards of any gym or personal trainer out there, but for those of us who are 1) broke, and 2) un-motivated, walking is a great substitute. I love walking with weights (only 2 or 3kg weights), just to give me a little bit more of a challenge, and after an hour they certainly take their toll. I’ve noticed a lot of differences in both my health and my figure once I started walking everyday, and I’m definitely hoping to keep up the habit once my schedule gets busy again and life starts to get in the way (how rude of it!).

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