DAY 4: Your dream job

I’ve struggled with this question so much throughout my life. As a little girl I was absolutely convinced that I wanted to be a veterinarian, but that dream died during high school when I realised just how much science was involved. I’ve always loved writing, and I would absolutely love to someday tell a stranger “Hey, I’m an author” but I’ve never had the confidence or determination to pursue this. I love to read, but how does one turn that passion into a career? However, there is one other thing that I’ve always enjoyed, and that’s … criminal fiction. I adore criminology, and crime, and forensic science. I took a class on forensic science during high school, and have always been addicted to numerous crime, law and order related television shows. I’m currently in my third and final year of university studying a double degree in Criminology and Psychology, and I’m simultaneously nervous and excited about that. I don’t know exactly where I want this path to take me, but I’m more than happy (and ready) to follow it wherever it will lead me. I’m letting life take the reins.

– x0


2 thoughts on “30 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE (DAY 4)

  1. Hey Emily! 😉

    My favourite part was when you said, ‘I’m more than happy (and ready) to follow it wherever it will lead me.’ I believe that passion is important, because we spend more time on it, eventually mastering it. And well, the truth is that this society really rewards people who are skilled in one area. My passion is in psychology too, I believe you will bring a lot of value to this society. Anyway, hope to see more of your stuff Emily! 😉 The way you write is awesome, keep it up.

    Live Big,

    • Hi Allan! Thank you so much for this lovely comment, you’ve truly made my day 🙂 Passion is the most important thing isn’t it? What’s the point of doing something everyday if you don’t absolutely love it? I’m never going to waste a day not doing what I love, and I so highly encourage others to do the same 🙂 Thanks again,

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