Hello everyone! So, it’s officially 2016 and in amongst the endless lists of ‘2016 goals and resolutions’ that everyone has undoubtedly made for themselves, I thought it would be a good idea to get back into the swing of blogging consistently with something that will challenge me to do so everyday. I can’t remember where exactly I stumbled across the ’30 Day Blog Challenge’ but what it basically means is that everyday, I’ll be posting something here on Little Talks in regards to whatever the day’s topic demands. Let’s begin with Day 1 …

DAY 1: Your blog’s name

The name of my blog is ‘Little Talks’, although you could also argue that my username is ’emilyp0tter’ (which I’m sure is self-explanatory). I got the idea for Little Talks after hearing the song of the same name by the band ‘Of Monsters and Men’. Now I’m not a huge fan of this band, in fact I only really like this one song, but I love the way it sounds and what it represents too. I like that it makes me think of a discussion between myself and you guys, the readers, and I love to talk, especially about books (which is mainly what I discuss on here). It’s a little ironic though that the majority of my blog posts are quite lengthy (I told you that I love to talk), but I absolutely adore the name of my blog and I can’t imagine it with any other.

– x0


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