Top 5 Wednesday [July 8th]

Top 5 Wednesday
Things on your bookshelf that aren’t books

Hello there! As some of you may or may not know (if you watch any book-related individuals on Youtube), Top 5 Wednesday is an idea first created by Lainey over at ‘gingerreadslainey’ on Youtube. Basically every Wednesday of every month there’s a certain book or movie related question, and whoever decides to join in the fun has to rattle their minds and come up with their top five of whatever the topic may be. This week’s topic is ‘things on your bookshelf that aren’t books’ and man oh man, did I have a hard time picking my own top five. I have two bookshelves, and almost every row of each of them is covered in non-book related items. In the end, this is what I came up with:

5) Photos
I have a lot of photo frames sitting on both of my bookshelves, and admittedly they’re my favourite things to look at in my entire room. On the one shelf I have a framed photograph of me as a toddler, all dressed up in a pretty white dress holding some sort of Christmas ornament. According to my mum I was too scared to go and visit Santa Claus that day and as soon as we got home, I’d calmed down enough for mum to randomly snap this shot. It’s one of my favourite baby photos of myself, and I absolutely cherish it. Next I have a framed photograph of my brother and I from his graduation last December. After a seemingly torturous six years of study at university, my brother graduated (with incredible grades) and is now a qualified vet. I’m so proud of him, and my brother is one of the most inspirational and incredible people I know and I love this photo of us. Lastly, two of my favourite photos with another one of my favourite people. My wonderful boyfriend Christian. The photo of us is from a family event of mine almost exactly a year ago, and is one of the best photos of us together as a couple. The other is a photo reel from a photo booth at a debutante ball that we attended a few months ago. I love that we’ve unintentionally stuck to the same colour scheme in these photos, and I love seeing them sitting on my shelves. It makes me think back on our relationship, and I love displaying it so openly.


4) R2D2
I’ll admit that I haven’t been a Star Wars fan for very long. I hadn’t seen the movies until a few months ago, but now I’m completely hooked. I’ve seen the movies so many times over by this point in time and now I’m even more interested in searching online to find some Star Wars related books and comics. Who doesn’t love R2-D2? This little guy is my favourite character from the series, even though he doesn’t speak (which says a lot, ironically). This little plush toy was an extremely spontaneous buy, but I love having it on my shelf.


3) Candles
I am probably, one of the world’s most obsessed candle hoarders. Literally, I get so excited about buying new candles and trying new scents that it’s potentially becoming a serious problem. This particular one that I have on my bookshelf though was a present for my most recent birthday. It was a gift from my mum, and it’s a beautiful mandarin, jasmine and vanilla scented candle (and an extremely decent sized candle too). I haven’t burnt it yet (I’m still in the process of burning through another gifted candle) but I know this one will surely last me a long time. Beside that though, I have this beautiful candle holder that my brother bought me from the Melbourne night markets a few weeks ago. He knew I needed one, and he knows how much I love owls, so this is the most perfect gift for me. It also suits the box that the candle comes in, which is a nice unintentional touch.


2) TBR Jar
I have no idea where I got this jar from, but I love it. I’m sure you all know the basic premise behind a TBR Jar, but I love how mine is so lit up and colourful on the inside because of all of the coloured stickers that I’ve written on. I found these stickers in a pack whilst cleaning out the study room at home, and figured ‘why throw them out when I could put them to great use?’. So I filled up this little thing with the names of all the books I’ve yet to read, and it sits on my shelf staring back at me now (sometimes with a lot of shame).


1) Robb Stark
For my 18th birthday (a little over a year ago now, yikes) one of my best friends bought me THIS ADORABLE ROBB STARK FIGURE. Robb Stark always has been, from dawn until the end of time, my all time favourite Game of Thrones character. Despite the ‘thing’ that happened in that episode of that season, I love Robb and when I got this for my birthday I just knew I’d display it. This cute little guy sits at the very top of one of my bookshelves right in front of all of my Game of Thrones books, and even though I haven’t yet taken him out of his protective plastic box, he’s just as perfect as ever. I really want to collect some more of these figures (so that Robb’s not alone, obviously) and add to my collection.


So, that’s it! That was my first ever Top 5 Wednesday blog post and I hope you all enjoyed it. This was so much fun, I can’t wait to do some more of these in the future so until then, happy reading!

– x0


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