Shopping Spree [17.02.2015]

To face the fact that I only had two weeks left of summer holidays before university started up for the year, I decided to treat myself with a little (well, rather large) shopping spree. There was nothing that I necessarily needed per say, but being as I am, there’s always something new to find (and those end of season sales always suck me right in). I went shopping with my mum and my brother (aw) and thankfully they also did a fair bit of shopping themselves, so it made me feel somewhat relieved to know that I wasn’t the only one splurging during the day. Some of the items that I purchased were actually bought by my mum or brother, as they both owed me money I figured that instead of paying me back directly they could just make up for it in clothes, shoes or books. At least that logic made sense in my mind. I’ve also included photos of all of the things that I bought, as well as separate photos for some more specific items.

I didn’t go shopping with the exact intention to buy shoes, but nevertheless, I left with two brand new pairs. Lipstik were having a massive 50% off selected items sale, and in my mind, I can’t ignore that type of temptation. The first pair I bought are a medium height, thick wedged heel with a wonderful supporting platform. These are more appropriate towards formal outings or if you’re trying to dress up an outfit, though they are very simple (yet elegant) and can basically be worn with anything (shorts, a nice pair of jeans, skater dresses etc). The thick straps provide the feet with even more support, and I can’t wait to wear these out in the near future. I don’t own very many black high-heeled shoes, and these are the perfect choice for me.
Jameson (Black, 8.5)

Drill (Black, 8)

These shoes weren’t a part of the store’s 50% off sale, and were thus full-price. However, as with the first pair of shoes that I purchased I don’t own a pair of low-wedged, casual shoes and I know from past experience that Lipstik shoes are extremely comfortable to wear and are very durable. These low heels are the perfect choice for a casual day out, and would look incredible with a cute dress or pair of shorts. The velcro strap makes these shoes very easy to take on and off, and also means that (hopefully) the buckle should last quite the time.

As a surprise, my brother actually purchased this novel for me whilst we were perusing through the aisles of the bookshop. Brandon Sanderson is very easily one of my all time favourite authors, but particularly, one of my all time favourite high fantasy authors. The man is a genius when it comes to world building, character development, plot twists and original and unique systems of magic, and there’s no denying that his books can also be quite intimidating. I haven’t read much of Sanderson’s work (which might possibly take me the rest of my life to do), but after hearing that Warbreaker is his only stand alone high fantasy novel, it definitely piqued my interest and I’m thankful that my brother overheard and thought to pick this up for me. I love that I can now add this to my book collection, but more than anything I’m happy to place it next to the rest of my Brandon Sanderson novels (which look fantastic side by side).

Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson


I also picked up a couple of bookmarks at the bookshop, because you can never really own enough of them
Owl print bookmark

‘Shhh, I’m trying to read’ bookmark
[Photos below]


Revlon eyelash curler (red)


My old eyelash curler practically broke, and I’m not the type of person who can go without curling their eyelashes, so I knew I needed a new eyelash curler right away. With makeup items and tools like this I’m not particularly bothered about what brand I buy, as long as it gets a decent job done, so when I saw the Revlon range of eyelash curlers I just picked one of them up. Besides, red’s my favourite colour and I wasn’t just going to get the boring old black and white one when, for the exact same price, I could get the prettier looking red version.
Rimmel ‘Stay Matte’ finishing powder


This is such a staple makeup product, so much so that I can’t not use it when applying foundation or mousse, or leave it at home if I’m staying over at another person’s house. This powder definitely leaves the face with a flawless, finished look, and ensures that any greasy or oily spots are immediately covered up. I wouldn’t use any other powder, so when I saw that my current one was running low (and by this I mean dangerously low) I knew that I needed to pick up another one right away. This powder blends into the skin so well, and is so easy to apply with a large powder brush that it only takes seconds to do. I know many other people that also use this product, and enjoy and rave about it just as much as I do.

Disclaimer: All items purchased from Valleygirl were a part of a store-wide 50% off sale
Cropped white top


I bought this top specifically to pair with the navy leather shorts that I’d also bought, and the two of them paired together worked wonderfully. This is just a very simple, white cropped top that meets just below the belly button so that it can be worn with any type of high-waisted pair of shorts. It looks particularly good with navy leather, just to point that out. What I love most about this top is that the straps a very light, almost see through material which just adds something more to something that would otherwise be very plain. It also allows any type of necklace to be worn with it, though I would recommend something small and rounded, not very long either, as it would take away overall from the cropped nature of the top.

Leather navy shorts

These are the perfect choice for a night out where you don’t exactly feel like wearing a dress or a skirt, but a nice pair of shorts instead. I’m definitely one of those people, as I definitely much rather prefer wearing shorts and a top with some nice shoes instead of a skirt or a tight-fitting dress. These shorts fit very nicely around the thighs and bottom area, but are still respectable and appropriate to wear. The silver zips along the front add a little class and style too, so that on a night out there’s just that little bit more to the overall look of the outfit.

Patterned shorts
[Photo above]
I’m a sucker for patterned shorts and these are no exception. While the warmer weather lasts I know I’m going to get very good use out of these, as they’re not extremely tight-fitting but they’re also very flattering. These can be paired perfectly with any type of white shirt and a nice white shoe (low or high) and I’ve already found so many other clothes that these will suit.

Rounded necklace
My mum secretly bought this for me while I wasn’t looking, as she thought that it would look incredible with one of the new tops I had just purchased. I didn’t even think to look at the jewellery or accessories section of the store, so when mum pulled this out of the bag to surprise me, I was so happy with her choice and trusted her pairing of the necklace to my shirt.

Light-weight navy blue jacket
All of the autumn and winter stock are coming out in most stores nowadays, and knowing that I would need a new, light-weight jacket during the winter, this was the perfect choice for me. I don’t like to wear particularly heavy jackets or coats when I’m at university, as often the classrooms or lecture theatres get extremely over-heated and warm, and it’s just all so very uncomfortable to experience. I thought that it would be a much smarter idea therefore, to pick up something lighter (but still stylish, and with a hood) that I could just pair with a thick scarf. I’m so excited for the colder months to come around so that I can really get the most out of this jacket, as navy blue is one of my most favourite colours to wear and I think it would just look too cute with a nice pair of jeans, boots and a lighter jumper and a scarf. I’m already getting excited about the amount of outfits that I can coordinate this jacket with.. it’s started.

Grey swing top
I don’t quite remember what first drew my eye to this top, but thankfully the last one that they had on the rack was just my size. This is the perfect top to wear with a nice pair of black jeans and a low-heeled shoe, and can be worn whether you’re going for a nice night out for dinner and drinks with friends, or even if you’re going to a more formal event or outing. This top is a little loose around the middle area, and for me personally I would probably tuck it in if I were wearing shorts (even jeans if you’re that type of person) but whatever works for you, do it. The neckline is also very flattering and simple, with a loose, curved turtle-neck type of collar that a necklace can very easily go around, or can be worn just on it’s own, just as it is. The necklace in the photo above is the one that I had in mind to pair with this top, but there are so many others that I won that could just as easily be worn to make the look a little more fancy.
[Photos below]


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