Beauty Haul #2

So Priceline had a massive two-day long 40% off all cosmetics sale…. Naturally, I went. I conquered. Also, Chemist Warehouse had a 15% of selected cosmetics sale, so I went to that too. My brother also returned home from a trip to Singapore and Malaysia, and being the makeup addict that I am, I asked for three specific higher-end make-up items as a gift. There was also a little trip to Lush that I made earlier during the last week, so I picked up an item or two from there as well. I hope you guys enjoy reading about everything that I’ve bought or received, and let me know if you too have any of them yourself or are thinking of picking any up.

1. Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow Quads
I had already owned one of these eyeshadow quads for a very long time before I had the urge to collect more. The one I owned, Natural Smokes (1Q), soon became one of my most daily staple makeup items and I used it incredibly often to do my eyeshadow for the day. I wore it whether I was going out to dinner, to uni or just out with my family as it can be applied variably to suit the situation. Typically if I’m going out somewhere nice or where I feel like my makeup needs to be a little bit more done up then I would apply all four shadows within this quad to get the complete look, but if I were just going for a natural, everyday look for school then I would only need half of the quad. I loved this eyeshadow quad and typically they retail for about AUD $14.95 but the sale at Chemist Warehouse saw these babies go down to half price, so only AUD $7.48. There are five different quads in the entire range of these eyeshadows, and of those I now have four. The only one I’m missing is the Amethyst Smokes (5Q) palette, though the colours within it are not to my particular taste. I might still get it and experiment with using the colours but as of now I’m not in too much of a rush as I have plenty to work with.

1. Mocha Motion (2Q)
This palette comes with a lovely cream-coloured shadow for the eyelid base, a weak beige for the lid, a soft brown for the crease-line and then a darker brown for your eyeliner. The combination of the cream base and softer brown colours would blend perfectly to create a very soft, darker eye look.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 8.05.19 pm
2. Designer Chocolates (3Q)
This is a much more fun palette and is definitely more suited towards a vibrant look. Similar to the Mocha Motion quad, this palette also has a cream-colour for the eyelid base. For the lid itself though this quad comes with a very soft orange/dark cream colour, a shimmery dark, almost metallic pink for the crease line and a dark brown/soft maroon colour for the liner.
Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 8.05.24 pm
3. Charcoal Smokes (4Q)
This is the boldest of the three quads I bought and of the four that I own, and is definitely the one to use if you’re going for a full-on smokey eye/dark eyeshadow look. This quad comes with a light-grey, pale silver colour for the eyelid, a light chocolate brown for the lid, a much darker brown for the crease line and finally a very dark, shimmery black for the eyeliner. The use of all of these shadows together would be incredible for a smokey-eye look (or similar to one), particularly for people who have brown (though specifically a darker brown) eye colour.
Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 8.05.29 pm

2. Max Factor Kohl Eyebrow Pencil (050 Charcoal Grey)
AUD $19.95
Unfortunately I purchased this after the sales had ended, so the product was full price. I can’t complain though because I was in definite need of a new eyebrow pencil. The previous one that I had been using was a simple Rimmel London eyebrow pencil (in charcoal) but I was starting to like the product less and less. I’m not entirely sure why I suddenly stopped liking it, as at the beginning it was such a life-saver when I was in a rush to do my make-up and didn’t have enough time to focus on my eyebrows so much. However, that being said I did enjoy it, I just think I needed to change it up a little bit. For the days or nights when I was going out or had a more formal event I would use my Art Deco eyebrow kit but again, that takes time, effort and precision that I don’t always have. I think it was actually my mum who recommended this Max Factor eyebrow pencil, as she uses the same one but in a light brown colour. I haven’t used this product just yet as I want to use up my Rimmel pencil as much as possible first. I was able to use the tester pencil before I purchased this product and I was quite pleased with how it looked on my hand, so I was able to convince myself that it’ll be a good replacement. I definitely prefer eyebrow pencils on those days when I just cannot be bothered using my Art Deco kit and filling in my eyebrows to perfection, so here’s hoping that this product doesn’t let me down!

3. Maybelline ‘Colour Show’ Nail ‘Coral Heat’ Neons
These nail polishes typically retail for AUD $5.95 but as I’ve mentioned before, Chemist Warehouse was having a pretty massive sale, so I was able to purchase this nail polish for only AUD $2.98. This is one of the three or four nail polishes from Maybelline’s ‘Bleached Neons’ range, and probably the only one of the lot that I could see myself wearing. Because of my pale complexion typically I can’t wear overly bright or neon coloured nail polishes, but this isn’t as bright as I’d thought. The other polishes in this range are much brighter (including colours such as lime green, pale orange and a shocking pink colour) and not exactly suitable for me personally. I haven’t had the chance to use this nail polish yet though so I can’t say much about how it applies or the finishing look, but from looking at the brush/applicator and actual colour of the polish I have high hopes about it. Other nail polishes by Maybelline have usually been very good to me and very durable, so I’m hoping that this fits into that category too.
Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 8.08.46 pm

4. Revlon ‘Brilliant Strength’ Nail Polish (220 Provoke)
AUD $15.95
Typically these nail polishes retail for the above price, but the sale at Priceline saw these products reduced to an amazing price of AUD $6.40. I didn’t want too many nail polishes as my collection is pretty well-stocked but the one colour that I did need was a nice, light orange colour. This is an absolutely incredible colour, a very nice light orange colour that isn’t so light that it looks like an off-white, but just the perfect shade. Not only was this the colour that I had been needing but it is also the polish that I had been lusting over for the summer months, as I think this would look beyond great on both fingernails and toenails. If you have more of a darker complexion or a tanned complexion then this will definitely complement that, but it’s just so vibrant, bright and fun that it works flawlessly as that perfect summer staple shade.

5. Revlon ‘Gel Envy’ Nail Polish (600- Queen Of Hearts, 460- Hold ‘Em)
As these nail polishes are in an entirely new range released by Revlon, there was a special deal on at Chemist Warehouse whereby two of these nail polishes could be bought for only AUD $20.00, where typically they are around the same price on their own (AUD $16.95). I have heard incredible things about these nail polishes as they provide a gel-like finished look, a base coat and an excellent pigmented colour. The advertisements for these polishes describe them as ‘flawless, salon-quality colour with a life-resistant wear and a revolutionary top coat for long-lasting strength and shine’. Every polish within this range has a wonderful name, as they all relate back to poker or playing cards to some extent, as you can see by the names of the two I purchased. These were also coincidentally two of my favourite names within the range, and they are also incredible (and quite similar) colours). Although these polishes are probably best worn during the colder months of the year, I figured that as I didn’t have any colours similar to them in my collection then it wouldn’t hurt buying them now. I’ve never really minded so much about matching the colour of my nails to the weather, but sometimes I do, and these will still be excellent additions to my collection nevertheless. Now, Queen Of Hearts is an absolutely gorgeous deep red, almost maroon coloured nail polish. I haven’t used either of the polishes yet but the colour is breath-taking and Revlon polishes are usually of excellent quality. This colour is again, gorgeous, and just very suitable with almost anything you may wear. It’s definitely a more bold colour, but still very wearable and durable. Provoke, on the other hand is more of a dark-mauve almost off grey colour with striking purple undertones. When I saw this polish it definitely reminded me more of a business-like, sophisticated nail polish that I think would look great with any work-related outfit. Of course, this isn’t exactly your typical summer colour but I do think it would look great and I would wear this all year around. I adore this nail polish range and I really want to get my hands on some of the other colours too, but for now these will do just fine.

Now I’ll tell you guys a little bit more about the products my brother bought me as gifts. As these were gifts (and also bought overseas) I’m not particularly able to let you guys know how much these products were specifically, though I’m sure the exact prices won’t be too hard to find online.

1. NARS Sheer Matte Foundation
I’ve never owned a high-end foundation before so I was a little skeptical about this. However I was able to look at the shades of foundation that I own in my drug-store collection and make a pretty approximate estimate about which shade would best suit me. So I let my brother know and I was able to get this foundation in the shade ‘Light 3 (Gobi)’. I’m saving this foundation for a rainy day but I’m so excited to try it out as I know multiple people who swear by this product and will never go back to using any other foundation. For a high-end foundation I chose this over one of Mac’s foundations as I’d heard too many negative reviews about their range, and I had heard almost none about NARS’. This is a 60ml bottle so I’m hoping to get a fair amount of use out of this foundation before I have to re-purchase it.

2. MAC ‘Chatterbox’ Lipstick
This is such a wonderful, everyday lip colour. It’s described as a bright pink with red undertones, and is a little more on the natural looking lipstick more so than a stand out-ish shade. This is my first ever Mac lipstick and I’m extremely happy with my choice. I knew that I wanted something that I could wear everyday and not just on special occasions or nights out, so this was the perfect colour choice. For lipsticks, I definitely have to be in a certain mood or mindset to like a certain colour that I have on my lips, and that also depends on what I’m wearing and even the season. Although I don’t apply my nail polish season by season, I do that with my lipsticks and now that summer has officially arrived what better colour to get then a nice pink. Light pink is probably my all time favourite lip colour to wear, and for my first Mac lipstick (which is definitely a milestone and a memorable moment for almost every girl) I wanted to be sure and confident in my decision and I couldn’t be happier with this item.

3. MAC Studio Fix ‘BoldBlack’ Mascara
A few months ago my mum found a Mac mascara deserted at the bottom of her make-up bag, which I pretty much deem a crime in my books. She wasn’t interested in using the product anymore and as it was untouched and unopened I didn’t miss the opportunity to ask for it. Pretty soon thereafter it became my all time favourite mascara to use, replacing Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ mascara and my drug-store no name brand mascara. This product just screamed out to me and did everything to my lashes that an ideal, perfect-world mascara would to make them even better. Not only did this product lengthen my lashes (which are already fairly long) but it separated them to lengthen them individually, fanned them out to create a wide-eyed effect and volumised them significantly. Never before have I ever used (or found) a mascara that works better than this. When my brother asked what make-up I wanted this was automatically on my list, as I just needed more of it in my life. From the sound of multiple reviews I’ve read that other people have had similar experiences to me in regards to the use of this mascara, which makes me extremely happy to know. I’m even happier now that I have a back-up, as I know that I’ll be running out of my first tube in the very near future.

I also made a little trip to Lush. I’d only wanted to go for one specific product, but as usual walked out of the store with more than I intended to get.
1. ‘Snow Fairy’ Shower Gel
AUD $9.95 (100g)
This is a limited edition product at Lush and is only available during the Christmas holiday season. Luckily though, Lush is a place that releases their Christmas range quite early and ends it rather later than most other stores. Also, this shower gel is very durable and even the smallest sized bottle, 100g, will last multiple showers/baths. I tend to use this product once or twice a week so as to draw out how long I’m able to gain use out of it, but for those of you who like to use it non-sparingly or more often then you would find how quickly it may run out. I’m hoping to buy one or two more bottles of Snow Fairy before the Christmas range is ended for another year, which should last me more than enough time. I tend to find that Lush scents do get quite old for my liking and I have to be in the mood to enjoy a product’s specific scent.

2. ‘Ceridwen’s Cauldron’ Bath Melt
AUD $9.95 (80g)
This is a wonderful product for anyone who has to deal with flaky skin and could do with something that gives the skin a little bit more moisture and life. This product is made with oats, cocoa butter and sandalwood which shine and soften the skin, which is great when melted into the bath. This is also a very relaxing product and provides a wonderful scent. This bath melt it wrapped in a muslin cloth, dipped in wild flowers and is tied with a little red ribbon so that the cocoa butter and walnut oil within the melt are able to seep out consistently. It also makes the water in the bath froth a little but overall leaves you with very soft and smooth feeling skin. Overall this is a very lovely scented scrub that I would recommend to almost everyone, as it is a good exfoliant and moisturiser that goes well as a bit of a treat sometimes. I don’t tend to buy this product very often, and have only just recently discovered it myself but I will be continuing to buy it. I love all of the natural ingredients that are put in to this product, although the only negative thing I could possibly say about it is that it doesn’t last extremely long. If I manage it properly this product may last me three or four baths, which is decent for a Lush product, but I’m not one to buy it very often anyway.

So, that’s it guys! Thank you so much for sticking with me throughout this post, I know it was a long one. Hopefully I won’t be collecting too many make-up products and cosmetics in the next few weeks so I won’t have too many in my next beauty haul.

– x0


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