REVIEW: Maybelline’s ‘Dream Matte’ Mousse

Upon a recent trip to the pharmacy I left with this new foundation from Maybelline. I was particularly intrigued by it as I’d never tried using a mousse-like foundation before, and really wanted to buy something that would feel light on my face and would be perfect for those days where I just don’t want to wear much make-up. I tried the tester sample for this product and fell in love with how it felt plastered over the back of my hand, and purchased it soon thereafter. I also purchased two other make-up items (Maybelline’s ‘Fit Me’ pressed powder in the shade ‘Classic Ivory’, as well as a large powder brush to use it with) but I was mostly interested in this foundation. As I’ve never really done a make-up product review on my blog before I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do so.

I had high expectations for this foundation, as it cost $21.95 and isn’t a particularly larger sized pot of mousse. In comparison to other foundations by Maybelline, as well as many other brands, I would say that the size of this product is a little bit of a let down, but seeing as how it’s targeted as a mousse-foundation and isn’t meant to be caked on the face, it can be used very sparingly.

I’ve now used this product three times, and I have to say that it’s probably one of the best products I’ve used on my face before. My previous ‘go to’ foundation was yet another from Maybelline’s range, ‘Super Stay Better Skin’. Aside from that, I didn’t really have any other foundation or BB cream that I’d use religiously, or feel sure about wearing everyday. This matte mousse foundation is literally a god-send, as I needed a light-weight foundation to wear to work, but that didn’t make me look like I was wearing anything on my face. I’ve received many compliments when wearing this, from both family and strangers, and it’s incredible to see the effects that so little a product can have. Whenever I put this product on, my face looks instantly refreshed and replenished, any red spots or dark circles are completely covered and hidden and my face looks overall healthier.

I’m not going to make this a lengthy review, as I’m no beauty-guru or specialist or make-up artist, but I do want to give this product all of the praise that it deserves.

I’m not entirely sure how popular this mousse-foundation may be, but I do believe that it would be very well received. I know many people in my life that don’t like to use a heavy-duty foundation, especially not everyday, and I cannot wait to recommend this product to them. More than that though, it doesn’t leave your skin feel cake-y or powder-y and there’s nothing worse than looking in the mirror to touch up your makeup and realising that your face and neck are two different colours. This product comes in many different shades, ranging from ‘Classic Ivory’ (does this not give you an indication of how pale I really am?) to ‘Cocoa’. There are many lighter and darker shades in between these two so that you can get the perfect shade that suits your complexion. I may even consider purchasing the next shade up from ‘Classic Ivory’ (which is called ‘Nude’) as I’ve been tanning quite a fair bit recently and just want to make sure I have a back up in case my face has become a little darker. Also, what’s great about these lightest two shades is that they don’t have any semblance of colour underneath them. There are some shades darker that do have slight yellow and/or pink undertones which I’ve never really been a fan of, and often try and avoid, that are also fairly noticeable (at least to me anyway). However, if you don’t mind this then I definitely recommend trying out this product for yourself (on the back of your hand, like I did) to see whether or not you think it may work well for you. If you are going to do this though, I recommend that you make sure that the product has been thoroughly blended into your hand before deciding if the shade is right for you, or if the product overall is to your liking.

The only negative thing I’d have to say about this product is that at times it can be a little awkward and difficult to grab the mousse from the small round pot it sits in and actually apply it to the face. As it’s a mousse, not a liquid, it can’t exactly be tipped or pumped onto your hand, and using a makeup brush to extract it doesn’t work very really either. The only way I’ve been doing it is by using my hands directly, which can unfortunately get a little messy at times.

Other than that though there’s not much else to say about this product. I really really love it, and will continue to use it and purchase it religiously now. It’s so convenient to use and to wear, and I love how flawless and natural it leaves my skin feeling and looking. I highly recommend it to anyone, but particularly for those of you who don’t like wearing as much foundation as other people might and don’t want to look as though they have anything covering their face either. You don’t need much of this product either, which is fantastic, and it really does feel light on your face.

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