Beauty Haul #1

In typical Emily-fashion I went shopping a while ago and came home with a handful of new beauty products that I’ve been meaning to buy for a long while. I’d seen a few of these in make-up tutorials on Youtube and immediately fell in love with how they looked, so naturally I had to pick them up for myself. I also just generally needed some new products, so without any more babbling on and trying to justify the amount of money I spent, here’s what I bought! Most of these products are pretty cheap but depending on where you go to buy them prices may vary.

1. Australis ‘Scarlett Fever’ (Lip Liner)
Typically these retail at AUD $8.95 but as mentioned mine were extremely discounted as this particular liner has been discontinued
I saw this product in a ‘fall look’ make up tutorial on Youtube a long time ago and only went back to check what product it was recently. However, when I went in to the shop to find it I was told that the line had been discontinued and that no more were being made. Luckily for me, the lady at the counter was extremely kind and managed to dig two up from the back storage, and they were on sale for only two dollars each! My day was literally made and I’m probably forever in debated to that amazing worker. Seriously, she was the best. Now I tried this product as soon as I got home and man oh man, it blew me away. In the make up tutorial that I saw the beauty guru had used it underneath a dark purple/berry lipstick to make the lip look much darker, so that’s what I naturally tried first. It looked absolutely incredible. The dark lipstick that I used is amazing on its own but with this lip liner on underneath I don’t understand how I’ve been wearing it without the liner. After I’d tried that I moved on to using the liner with more subtle, lighter shades such as baby pink lipsticks and more neutral, cream colours. These both looked amazing also, and I would very highly recommend this lip liner to anyone if you are still able to find it and purchase it at your local store!

2. Rimmel ‘Soft Kohl’ Eye Liner Pencil
AUD $8.50
I got this in the shade ‘Jet Black’, the only black colour available in this line. I was also tempted to buy this in shade ‘Stormy Grey’ which is just a really soft, light grey colour which would work well in many smokey eye make up looks. This typical dark eye liner pencil is pretty good though I’m much more of a fan of gel liners. I like to use this pencil to drew in my upper water line and sometimes even my lower water line so on the occasion where I like to do that, this pencil is great.

3. Rimmel ‘Lasting Finish Colour Rush’ (Lip Balm)
AUD $9.71
I got this one in the shade ‘The Redder The Better’ because I realised that I really don’t have all that many red lipsticks, glosses or stains. So naturally I had to fix that. I saw this out of the corner of my eye at Priceline (which is where I typically shop for make up) and I had seen this range before but hadn’t really bothered to test out any of the products. I was with a friend and she absolutely rambled on about how great they were and after swatching the red shad on the back of my palm I just had to buy it. I love this product, it’s so incredible pigmented and such a fun, bright red that’ll work well with almost anything. Other red lipsticks, glosses or stains that I’d owned never really looked all that nice on me. I don’t know if it’s because they weren’t the right products for me or if red doesn’t really suit me over ally but this one really does work. Its a little bit bold for me to wear say, everyday, but on the next occasion that I have to go to, I will definitely be pairing this with what I wear.

4. L’Oreal ‘Super liner Perfect Slim Eyeliner’
AUD $24.45
Now, the next two products a little bit more on the expensive side so do be wary if you’re on a budget or if you’re particular about spending a lot of money on make up products. My mum actually bought this for me because I’d been complaining the previous day about how all of my eyeliners were either empty, not working as well anymore or just not good anymore. I’d seen advertisements for this new L’Oreal range and my aunty had already tried the Butterfly Wings mascara and it looked absolutely beautiful on her! She didn’t really know how to use the eyeliner all that well (bless her soul) so I wanted to pick it up for myself and give it a go. I’m so glad that I did. This is probably my all time new favourite eyeliner. It applies to the lid so well, it’s very dark and just leaves a really nice looking wing if that’s the kind of look you’re going for. This eyeliner piles on really well so if you’re doing a look that’s more eyeliner heavy than usual, it does that really well, but it also works just as well if you’re just going for a simple, everyday cute make up look. However, one thing I have noticed about this product though is that the way you apply it, meaning that the way in which you hold the pen and the way that you sweep it across your lid, does have an impact upon the overall look. I’ve noticed that starting from the left and dragging the tip towards the right end of your eyelid applies the eyeliner much better and more effectively than the other way around. If you’re not that in to darker eyeliners though this may not be the right one for you, but I do highly recommend it regardless. It’s very diverse and has lasted quite a long time for me.

5. L’Oreal ‘False Lash Butterfly Wings’ (Mascara)
AUD $25.95
As I’ve mentioned already I bought this and the Super Liner together because they were both fairly new products from the range. I’m pretty sure there was some sort of deal going on at the time where you could buy two products from the range for the price of one (or something similar to that) and I’d already seen how well this mascara worked on other people. I was a little bit hesitant because I always am when it comes to trying new mascara, as it either works or it just doesn’t but luckily this one worked flawlessly for me. It applies very well and really does lengthen and volumise my lashes, particularly fanning them out at the edges to give that true butterfly look (who would’ve thought right?). It may not give me the ultimate effect that other mascaras do on their own but once I pair this with my other favourite mascara (a MAC one), my lashes look a hundred times better, longer and more full.

6. Maybelline ‘Big Eyes’ (Eyeliner)
AUD $11.95
During the madness that was the two day long, 40% off all cosmetics sale that Priceline held the other week, it’s needless to say that I took advantage of it. One of the best deals that I came across though was that I could buy this product, along with it’s counter-part mascara (listed next) for only $20. This was an incredible deal as the mascara on it’s own is $20, and for the same price I would also be getting an amazing, long-lasting black and white double-ended eyeliner too. I took this deal, mostly because I had heard great things about the bottom lash part of the mascara, and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by this product too. I haven’t used this very often though and can’t exactly give too much of an honest review about it, but from the times that I have used this product, I’ve had good experiences. The one negative thing that I could say though is that when I used this eyeliner on my bottom waterline/eyelash line then I find that it wears off a little quicker than when I apply it to the top.

7. Maybelline Volume Express Falsies ‘Big Eyes’ (Mascara)
AUD $19.95
This product comes in two ranges, a waterproof product in ‘Very Black’ and a non-waterproof product in ’Blackest Black’. Being that I have very dark hair, eyes and eyelashes, naturally I tend to lean towards the darkest shade of black in almost every mascara (and even eyeliner) that I buy. Seeing as how this product is $20 on it’s own, as I’ve already mentioned, I bought this product in a duel pack with the ‘Big Eyes’ eyeliner. Unfortunately I cannot say much about this product as I haven’t used it. I have so many other mascaras that I have open at the moment that I just can’t justify opening this one too. However, from what I have seen in reviews and read about this product online I have great faith in it. The bottom half of this product is a mascara wand designed specifically for your bottom eyelashes, which I have never owned before. Normally I just use my everyday mascara on my bottom eyelashes and just be a little more careful when applying it to them (as things can go wrong, real fast). However as this wand is shorter and thinner, I believe that it will be both easier and more convenient to apply a nice coat of mascara to the bottom lashes, without clumping or giving a spider-y look. I’ve seen this product used in many makeup tutorials and in almost every one it has given the reviewer a great lasting look, which I hope will similarly translate to when I decide to use this one.

8. Maybelline ‘Electro Pop’ (Lip Balm)
AUD $3.95
This is one of the better lip balms I’ve tried in recent months. First I was surprised at just how cheap they are, and then at the moisturising effect that they give. These balms come in three colours/flavours: watermelon (which gives a very light pinkish-red tone), orange (this doesn’t really need explanation does it?) and berry (a subtle medium purple). At first I purchased the berry balm, but after falling in love with it I soon purchased the watermelon lip balm too. I’m yet to try the orange flavoured one though I suspect it would be just as good as the other two. I’m not a huge fan of the packaging of these products though, as I find them to be a little bit eccentric for my tastes, and if you find yourself going out one night and you only have a small handbag with you, it may be very inconvenient to carry these balms. That being said though, I love that these balms give a little bit of colour to the lips as a lot of them I simply just cannot be bothered wearing a bold lipstick or lip gloss and it’s extremely handy to have a coloured balm with me. I find that when I use these balms I try to apply them a couple of times a day, or at least as often as I remember to, just to make sure that my lips are as moisturised as possible and don’t end up cracked and dry throughout the day.

9. Bondi Sands ‘Self Tanning Foam’ (Light- Medium)
AUD $15.99
I haven’t exactly had the time or opportunity to test this product out yet, but I have heard incredible things about it. My cousin recommended this product to me and seeing the lasting look that it had on her, I’m definitely excited to use it for myself. From what she told me, this self-tanning foam is very easy to apply and is not messy. You also have the option of buying the applicator mitt alongside the foam for an extra $10 but as I already have one at home I passed on the offer. She also mentioned how this tanner dries very quickly, is not streaky and doesn’t leave patches of brown/orange on your bedsheets when you sleep with it on. From the sounds of it, I think this is going to have a flawless finish and will definitely help me in trying to even out my half-tanned, half-pale complexion.

So that’s all for the first half of my ‘way too big’ beauty haul! The second part should hopefully be up some time tomorrow, if not, then Thursday! Let me know down below in a comment whether you’ve tried any of these products yourself and definitely whether or not you liked it, I’d love to know why/why not. Also, feel free to leave me any recommendations for any products that you might love, as I’m always keen to try out new products.

– x0


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