It’s that time of year again. It’s the start of January, the start of a new year and the start of many unfinished ‘new year’s resolutions’ challenges. I, along with many of you I’m sure, always set myself an entirely well-thought out and planned list of goals at the beginning of each year, the majority of which I never complete. It’s bad, I know. I usually stick with them for the first few months of the year, but my motivation eventually ends up wavering and I drop most of my goals altogether.

This year though I plan to change that, and I know I’ve said that in previous years but I’m not letting myself down on more time. I haven’t changed in that I’ve written a shorter list of goals and resolutions, no, but there are five in particular that I really want to challenge myself with and I thought I’d share them. If I write them down and publicly post them then I have to stick with them right? Sure.

1. Write
This is my greatest passion, and my greatest joy and pursuing it and making it a very real part of my life isn’t going to happen on it’s own. I’ve decided to start off slowly and small though, mainly by sticking with and maintaining a journal I bought myself for Christmas (which you can take a look at in my ‘What I Got For Christmas [2014]’ post). So far this year I’ve written a fair amount in my journal, and I’m happy that I’ve finally got back into the habit of doing so. I find it so therapeutic and so rewarding whenever I write (physically write, not type) and I know that after an extended period of journalling, I’ll look back on all of the pages that I’ve filled and be content within myself. I don’t plan on writing that much, nor everyday, but whatever I do manage to get onto paper will be enough for me. I’ve wanted to pursue this passion of mine for so long but just didn’t really know how (thus why I began this blog at the beginning of 2014), not until I mustered the motivation to take the next step.

I also want to get at least the first draft of my novel done. Writing, editing and publishing my very own novel has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember, and for years I’ve had countless stories floating around inside my head that have been bursting to come out. I have two in particular though that I’d like to flesh out a little bit more, and I’m dedicating the month of January to really developing the both of them and seeing which ends up being the stronger story. As they’re both from two entirely different genres I’m interested to see the results for myself (and you know, to actually write the rest of the story too).

2. Confidence
It’s a sad thing to admit to yourself that you’ve never really been that confident of a person, and I mean confident in the sense where I trust myself and my instincts, I trust what I’m doing and who I’m with. I don’t mean it in the sense of standing up in front of a crowd and delivering a five minute speech, or speaking up and telling someone what I really think of them. I can do that. That’s never really been a problem for me, but the former has, and it’s really had an impact. Not being confident and trusting of myself and my actions has really had an adverse impact on my life and over the past year I’ve started to learn more and overcome it. I’m slowly learning, day by day, to overcome this paralysing part of myself and challenge it everyday, because if I let it have any more of a hold over me I’m afraid of what I’m going to miss out on. Tied in with this, I need to worry less. A lot less. So what if I get a low mark on an assessment? If I don’t fail, or if it doesn’t have that big of an impact on the rest of my academia, then it shouldn’t matter that much to me. I need to learn from my mistakes instead of letting them drive me into insanity, or pinning the blame on everyone but myself. I need to change things up and be more dedicated to beat it, and that’s exactly what I plan on doing. I don’t want to stress about or worry over the smallest things, but take everyday as it comes and enjoy them one at time, because what else is there to do? There’s literally no point in worrying about tomorrow until it comes.

3. Language
Why is it so damn easy to forget how to speak a language? When I was younger I could speak Greek pretty well, as my parents and grandparents would only speak it to my brother and I and we’d speak back to them in Greek too. However, as I got older I didn’t really speak it that often and especially as I started school and learned English, I eventually forgot it altogether. I still know bits and pieces, and if I’m spoken to in Greek I’ll more than likely understand what I’m being told, but I really can’t speak it all that well and it does create a barrier at times. All four of my grandparents strictly speak Greek (aside from my mum’s dad who’s pretty good with English), so whenever I’m with them or over at their house, at times it can be really difficult to communicate (which is actually quite sad). Without one of my parents there it’s even more difficult, so I’m forcing myself to make more of an effort this year to learn the language a whole lot better, if not for the benefit of my family than for myself.

P.S. How cool would it be to just know a second language regardless of why? 

4. Health
Water, water, water. That’s my motto this year. I seriously need to cut down on the sugar-y drinks and caffeinated beverages and keep myself hydrated. I’m not too bad in keeping up with my water on the days where I really remember to keep a bottle with me at all times, but if I forget or slack off I literally won’t have any for a day or two, and that’s not good at all. I know that the daily average water intake is about two litres, but I’m going to start off slow and make myself a goal of drinking at least one bottle a day, if not more, so at least I have that minimum set.

5. Memories
When I reflected upon my year of 2014, I was sad to have forgotten a fair amount of things. I keep a list of ‘happy moments’ on my laptop but I don’t always update it regularly, or if a lot of days pass I’ll usually forget the smaller details of those few days. I want to document my life more, and not just in the sense of writing down a list of happier days, but I want to photograph every moment or spontaneously take a photo of someone when they’re least expecting it. One of the things I’ve challenged myself to doing over my summer holidays is to learn how to use my new camera, and I think I’ve just got the hang of it by now so I’m just waiting for the next and best opportunity. I have a few things planned throughout the year in terms of events where I know I’ll be able to take photos (including the Australian Open, and three concerts throughout March and April). Aside from these scheduled things though I’d really like to be a little more spontaneous in my photo-taking, particularly of the people I may be in company with. I want to document every happy moment.

I know this may seem like a lot (or not very much to some of you), but for me this is a fairly reasonable list of resolutions. I’m not going to push myself to my most extreme limits in order to keep track of these goals, but it would be nice if I’m able to accomplish them to a certain extent.

If any of you have similar resolutions, or just want to tell me and discuss some of your own then feel free to leave a comment down below or contact me through Twitter! I’d be more than happy to talk and hopefully we can all encourage each other to better ourselves throughout 2015!

– x0


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