New Year’s Plans

Hello there everyone! I hope you’ve all had an excellent Christmas, or if you don’t celebrate this festive season then I hope you’ve had the most wonderful week. As most of you may know, Christmas is my most favourite time of the year and typical of me, I’ve been running around like a headless chicken during these past few weeks in preparation. However, as we’ve past that now we look forward to New Year’s Eve and the upcoming year of 2015! How exciting! I always get so excited thinking about the new year, even though I usually tend to set myself very unrealistic goals. This year though, I’ve done well and I’m so darn proud of myself.

I hope all of you are too.

This past year has brought me so many ups and downs, but so many new friends, experiences and memories that I’ll cherish. I started university, met my amazing boyfriend and had a lot of crazy adventures. As with any other year, no it hasn’t been perfect but it’s been one of the best years recently. This was also my first year out of high school and I can still remember the penetrating, crippling fear of the big bad world that I can now say that I’ve become comfortable with. I’ve learned new things and said goodbye too, but I’m looking forward to what the new year will bring me, and I’m ready for the next step and newest adventure. I’ve mostly learned a lot about myself and who I am, what I like and what I’m good at, but also what I may need to change or work upon next year too. I’ve become more confident and intelligent, more aware of the world and the people around me, but most importantly I’ve just let myself live a little, have more fun and enjoy the freedom and youth that I have while I have it. I can’t wait to do it all over again next year.

So here’s to new beginnings, new stories to tell and new experiences just around the corner.

I hope you all have a majestic day tomorrow celebrating the upcoming year, and that you all get that special kiss at the stroke of midnight.

See you in 2015.

PS. Sometime early within the new year I hope to have my Christmas and Boxing Day hauls uploaded, as well as extremely old beauty and book hauls that I literally wrote months ago but haven’t got around to posting. So look forward to many hauls coming your way in the first-second week of January 2015!

– x0


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