Summer Bucket List

Hey everybody! So if you live in the Southern Hemisphere I’m sure you’re well aware that summer is definitely on it’s way. In fact, the first day of summer is today! WOOHOO. It’s December 1st so today officially begins three glorious months of sunshine, lollipops and rainbows (and everything good and wonderful). With the end of November we drew closer to those sunny days and long summer nights, and now I could not be more excited. I finished my first year of university at the end of October (on the dot to be exact, the 31st) so that means I have a grand total of four whole months off until my next year of work and study begins. I have a lot planned, and I hope that this turns out to be one of the best summers yet! I want to share with you all some of my plans for the next three months of sun, aside from your average things like Christmas shopping, getting ready for the New Year or even celebrating Australia Day if you’re into that kind of thing (I am, oops). As much as I can’t wait to spend my days by the beach and just out in the sun in general, I want to feel productive just the same, so here are 10 things that I want to accomplish in the summer of 2014/15

1. Work on that tan
Now it’s a little embarrassing to say that I’m Greek and have people gawk at me like I’m lying to their faces. You wouldn’t think it either if you saw me though because I’m literally the palest European descendant you’ll ever know. Half of my family are pale and unfortunately I’m one of the unluckier few who have adopted the pasty white complexion that just gets all the people on the street looking my way. I’m sorry I’m not as tanned as you are okay, but it’s a literal biological defect (I’m working on it). In the past month of my summer break so far I have actually tanned a fair bit, and I don’t look as sickly pale but there’s still a long way to go before my complexion is socially acceptable. Of all the things on my bucket list I think this is probably the easiest to achieve (I mean how hard can it be to apply fake tan right?) but I’d rather get colour the natural way. I’ve spent a lot of time outdoors enjoying the sun, although I have already been through an insufferable period of sunburnt shoulders. Literally, there’s not a worse place on your body to get sunburnt. You don’t realise how painful it is until it happens.

2. Read-a-thon
Thus far this year I’ve read a grand total of 41 books which is probably a lot to most people, and is actually a lot to me too… but in comparison to a lot of people I know, that’s barely an indent into that ever-growing ‘to be read’ list. Even though I don’t think it’s all that much that I’ve read, there’s still a decent amount of time left in the year for me to get my ass into gear and kick that number up a little bit. I have a pretty basic idea of what I want to read by the end of the year, but knowing myself I probably won’t stick to it at all and end up going in the opposite direction, so stay tuned for that. I plan on writing a post at the end of the year listing all of my 2014 reads, but if you’d like to see that as of now then I’ll link my Goodreads page (here) for all of you interested folk. I especially want to get through the rest of the Harry Potter series (for the however many’th time), as I’m up to the Order of the Phoenix and just want to power through those last three books.

3. Just keep swimming
As a kid my parents used to call me a fish because of how much I loved being in the water, but in recent years I just haven’t been swimming all that much. We don’t have a pool at my house and I much prefer swimming pools over going to the beach, even though I live 10 minutes away from one. I already have a lot of plans in regards to swimming though, which I’m really excited about because there’s nothing better than spending the whole day in the water when the blistering sun’s beating down on you (remember to wear sunscreen though folks, you don’t want to get burned by that brutal Australian sun okay, I’ve been there. It’s not pretty). Some of the most memorable summer days for me are those spent with my family when we’d all pack up our things early in the morning, get in the car and drove up to Lorne. This is one of my favourite places in the world, there are so many memories there and I miss the days when we’d go multiple times throughout the summer. My entire family on my dad’s side would all come together and spend the day beside the massive local swimming pool and when we’d get sick of the chlorine we’d head down to the beach just down the road. The beach at Lorne is one of the best I’ve ever been to, and as a kid the waves were always so tall. We haven’t been in many years though, but I’m glad that I’m able to remember all the fun we used to have there.

4. Road trip?
This ties in to goal number three in a lot of ways. My boyfriend and I have plans to go on road trips up the Great Ocean Road and to a house in both Jan Juc and Dromana where there are beaches and pools all over the place. I love road trips though, in every sense of the word. I love reading about them, experiencing them and going on them with loved ones whether it be family, friends or with your boyfriend/girlfriend. I really hope we get the chance to go up there with a couple of other friends as well, because as nice and romantic as road trips are with your partner, there’s nothing better than a good old couples retreat. We’ve already been to Jan Juc but unfortunately the weather was a little bit too cold for us to really enjoy it (in terms of swimming) but the journey there and back was definitely an experience. I can’t wait for our next adventure.

5. Wear what you want
I’ve always been self-conscious about my body and what type of clothes that I can wear in the summer because of that. I’m not overly skinny but I’m not much bigger either. I guess you could say that I’m in that weird in between stage where I’m not exactly considered skinny but I’m not considered as overweight. It’s a hard life like this though, because a lot of the time I don’t exactly feel comfortable in wearing a lot of ‘revealing’ clothing. I don’t mind showing a bit of midriff or a bit of leg every now and again but I get into the habit of seeing other, prettier, skinnier girls on the street and suddenly feeling extremely insecure. A lot of colours don’t flatter me or my skin tone either, which just makes the problem a lot worse. Being pale and having dark brown/black hair sucks a lot in the summer because I wouldn’t mind wearing a nice pale melon coloured top every once in a while. But this summer that’s changing. I don’t want to care how fat my legs look or how pale my arms are when I pick up a nice shirt in a store and think it’ll look great on me. I want to buy that top because I like it and I want to wear it, not put it back on the rack because my body’s defences win me over yet again.

6. Work
This one is going to be the most difficult of them all I think. I’ve basically been looking for casual job for the past 3-4 months and well… no luck. To be fair though I haven’t exactly applied to as many places as I probably could, but with university taking up most of my time I just haven’t been able to commit just yet. But now that I have a whole four months off with no set plans in motion I am so ready to make as much money as I can. I’m blessed enough to get an allowance off my parent’s every week, but being 18 years old and jobless is just embarrassing to be honest. As I’ve mentioned I’ve already been on holidays for a month and in that time I’ve spent it expanding my qualifications and skills needing for many jobs (such as completing my RSA, RSG and Barista training) and have also done some work experience with family members. I can only hope that these prove to be beneficial in my search for a job though, but even if that doesn’t happen too soon I’m still really proud of what I’ve done to further my chances.

7. LittleTalks
I say this way too much but I really want to post and update this blog regularly throughout the summer. I won’t have any excuse for not doing so, apart from Christmas/New Year’s when I’m sure everyone will be busy spending time with their loved ones instead of eagerly waiting for me to post something (c’mon, that’s totally true). If there’s anything to know about me at all it’s that Christmas is without a doubt my favourite time of the year and every year I go above and beyond for everyone I buy for. I love giving gifts and the holiday season overall, but apart from that side of the holidays, I’m going to make it my sole goal to update regularly. If I’m not working then I’ll literally be binge watching TV shows so I’m pretty sure that I’ll be able to fit in the time, if not for your benefit then for my own as well.

8. Reconnect
When you leave high school you always say to yourself and your friends that you’ll all make the effort to catch up as often as possible and keep in contact with each other. But that’s not always the case. It suddenly becomes a hell of a lot harder to see each other as a lot of the time your schedules will conflict or someone won’t be able to make it, and things just slip away don’t they? As much as none of us may want that or like that, a lot of the time it’s inevitable and it just happens. I want to see people that I haven’t seen in weeks or months, or maybe even since school finished (more than a year ago now). I don’t really consider myself to be an overtly social person, but one thing I hate is feeling like I’m letting someone down or not putting in as much effort as others may be. It’s always hard to juggle between things, but nothing’s impossible, so more effort is definitely needed on my part I think.

9. Have adventures
I like to think that I’m a person who’s spontaneous, adventurers and daring. But a lot of the time I’m not, and I really want to change that.

10. Movies marathon
If you ever want to see the list of movies that I need to watch then I’m sure most of you would be really surprised. Some of the main ones that I really want to get through are the most recent James Bond films, as after watching Casino Royale I’m in a state of mind where all I want to watch are action-packed spy films. I know that I’ve been lacking in keeping up to date with the film industry (I mean I only watched Gravity for the first time two days ago) so I know that has to change over the summer. As usual I want to watch all of the Harry Potter movies again (ideally marathon-style), and many others that have been on my ‘to watch’ list for far too long.

Now I know a couple of these might seem a little bit ambitious (or at least they do to me) but I really want to stick with this list and feel accomplished in at least that. Even if I only get through two or three things I think that’ll be enough to satisfy me, but my aim (as a typical overachiever and perfectionist) is to do at least eight. I want to make this the best summer yet, and well I’ll have A LOT of spare time on my hands. These aren’t in any particular kind of order either, I just randomly thought of them all and wrote them down as I remembered them one by one. Also, at the end of summer (which I’m already dreading) I’m hoping to look back on this list and write a post letting you guys know my progress on how well I’ve done (or not done). Hopefully that’ll be a success and I can reflect on the past four months with happiness knowing that I’ve accomplished what I originally set out to do all those months ago.

Let me know down below in the comments, or even through social media (all of my links can be found at the end of this post) what you guys have planned for this summer and what you want to achieve, but for those of you who are going in to those colder, more dreary months I wish you all the best of luck too.

– x0


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