Reading Update [06.11.2014]

The last reading update post that I wrote was a while ago, I know, and this time (thankfully) I only have two books on my list! I’m not halfway through three giant books anymore and I’m feeling extremely good about keeping on schedule. Now, since that last update I’ve in fact finished Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn as well as Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas. I rated both of these books a well deserved 4/5 stars on my Goodreads page (link down below), both were extremely entertaining, very well written and captivating. I enjoyed Heir of Fire a little more than Gone Girl though, maybe because I’m just completely immersed in the Throne of Glass world and the series so far has had my complete attention for the past few months. That isn’t to say though that I didn’t enjoy Gone Girl, because I very much did, it’s just that I found it to drag at a few points throughout the book and the ending was extremely anti-climatic for my liking. As well as that, the hype for this book also influenced my point of view going in to the book as I had heard endless amounts of people ranting and raving about how excellent the movie is and how much of a thriller the book is. This definitely did impede my overall reading experience of this book, but I would definitely recommend it to others, especially those wanting to get more in to the whole crime, mystery/thriller genre. I’m also very intrigued about Flynn’s other books, which I do want to get to at some point in the near future.

As for what I’m reading now though, here’s where I’m at:
1. The Iron Trial (Magesterium #1)- Cassandra Clare & Holly Black
Oh this book, this book guys. I started this yesterday, November 5th, and now that I’m on summer holidays I have nothing but spare time to read all day everyday. I’m currently half way through this book already and am completely devouring it! I was definitely intrigued about this book because of its co-authorship by Cassandra Clare, who is undoubtedly one of my favourite authors (as you all know). I’ve always been interested in reading Holly Black’s work but have just never quite got around to doing so, but when I heard about this book… well, I was hooked. Straight away. After the Mortal Instruments wrapped up in May of this year, despite knowing that City of Heavenly Fire was by no means the end of the Shadowhunter world, I just needed more of Cassandra Clare. I didn’t have to wait too long for The Iron Trial though, and bought it almost straight away on it’s release day (I may have been late to class, sorry lecturer). I put it on the back-burner for a while though but after reading Heir of Fire, I saw it sitting on my shelf and it all but flew into my hands. I literally haven’t been able to put this book down.

The characters in this world are already so intriguing and complicated, and I can see just how much their back stories are going to play very important roles in the coming books in the series. I thought that going in to this book it would be a lot different, being a middle-grade series and all, but having said that I’m more drawn in to it than I have been in a book in a long time. The world building is absolutely phenomenal. The mages, elemental magic and Magesterium itself is so compelling and mysterious and feeling the confusion of the main character just adds to the reader’s own confusion whilst reading too (but in a good way of course). I’m so excited (and a little hesitant) to finish this book to be honest, I’m loving it so much. This genre is my favourite of all by far and the style of writing just makes it a lot easier to fly through this book so easily but at the same time take in as much information as possible too.

Nevertheless, I am definitely going to be savouring as much of this book as possible. Unfortunately though I don’t know when the next book in this series is going to be released (I believe 2015, and then consecutive years after that but I’m not 100% certain) but it’s for sure high up there on my most anticipated list!

2. The Immortal Crown (Age of X #2)- Richelle Mead
I’m in a bit of a Richelle Mead withdrawal stage. I miss the Vampire Academy world and I can’t wait anymore for The Ruby Circle (the last book in the Bloodlines series) so I need a little bit of a fix I think.

I read the first book in the Age of X series….several months ago or so? I wasn’t completely drawn in to it at the start like I was hoping, as I’d heard good things about it, but by the end the book did pick itself up some more. At least enough for me to want to pick up the next book in the series. This was only released this year too, around May I believe, but I wasn’t in that big of a rush to get to it. While I did love the world in this series I did find it a little difficult to follow the storyline at times and found myself questioning what was happening a lot. BUT. I will say though that the characters definitely saved this book. The main characters, Mae and Justin, are just so completely complex and withdrawn from the world and I find that their individual paths, as well as the path that they’re on together, is unlike that of any other book I’ve read. I’m also a huge fan of the sci-fi genre so seeing familiar aspects of that within this series is extremely cool.

I’m not all that far in to this book at all, barely 50 pages but once I’m done with The Iron Trial (which will definitely be soon) I’m hoping to be able to just dive straight in to this and love it wholly.


So yeah, that’s what I’m reading at the moment. Hopefully I can pick up the pace a little bit more, but being fresh at the start of my summer holidays I’m just trying to adjust to the unrestricted freedom I have at the moment. Also, why do so many people I know have to have birthdays in November? It’s getting a little bit ridiculous

– x0

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