Everybody has a different idea of success. In can be defined in terms of a personal goal, a life goal, what you want to achieve in the next month or maybe what you’re working towards in life as a whole. Nevertheless, both short and long term goals are extremely important as without them I think we’d all be a little bit lost and have little to motivate us at all. You might wake up one day and decide that by the end of it you want to have read so many pages of the book you’re reading, or make sure you go out and buy that perfect gift for that special someone. When you do these things, you feel accomplished. You might write them down on a piece of paper as a ‘To Do’ list and be able to feel the satisfaction flowing through the tip of your pen as you put that well earned line through that one task. You might make a mental checklist and cross your tasks off on there. Either way, you know you’ve met your goals for one more day, and that motivates us to do it again the next. It continues. It’s a self-effacing process.

Now I’m incorporating a little bit too much of what I learn at school right now, but nevertheless I think it’s important that we all keep being motivated. We all want to be successful and feel accomplished, don’t we? Who wants to feel like they’re not making anything out of themselves or their lives? I know I sure as hell have a lot of things on my own personal ‘To Accomplish’ list, both short and long term goals. Some might be a little bit ambitious and unrealistic, but if I have them there, written down in front of me and staring me in the eye then when I look at it I suddenly get the urgency to do it. I get that motivated light-headedness that either turns me into a complete control-freak that has to do ‘ALL OF THE THINGS’ as soon as possible, or a silent achiever that no one notices but will one day.

I know this is all big talk though. I know that none of us are perfect and we all have those days when we’re less than motivated to even get out of bed let alone go after our dreams or finish off an assignment. But that’s all normal. Right now as I’m writing this post I’m putting off exam study, a final piece of assessment and a take home exam but we all need a break every once in a while too. Take it from someone who knows this more than first-hand. When things get a little bit too tough or that little bit too overwhelming it becomes so much more difficult to push through, because you just don’t have that energy or that drive to feel accomplished. I’ve had more than my own fair share of experiences with this, as a lot of the time it involves assignments and school. I’ve always been told that what I’m doing won’t get me anywhere or that it’s going to be too difficult and I should just give up now and not try. But you know what I say to that? A big, good ole, fat ‘screw you’. I do what I want, I study what I want and I know that it’s going to be tough (because what isn’t in life?) and I’m willing to put in that extra mile to get there. So many things have fallen into place in my life recently without me even really noticing and I have a good feeling that my career, whatever it may end up being, will do the same. I’m a strong believer in fate and no one has the right to take that away from me. What makes things so worthwhile is the effort that you put in to achieving them. You don’t get the reward if you don’t put in the hard work and I honestly feel sorry for the people out there that are either too ignorant to believe that or choose not to see it.

I don’t like to plan things too much but I do like to have some sense of direction. They’re two separate things. There’s a difference between mapping out every step you take in life and having a general sense of what you want to learn or what you want to achieve.

But back to feeling accomplished. Everything in life is an accomplishment. Whether you win a Nobel Peace Prize at the age of seventeen or you wake up early one Saturday morning to finish off that big assignment, you’ve accomplished something. You’ve accomplished something great too. So what if it’s not on the same social scale that other people may see it as being, but if it’s important to you and you’ve done it? Then I truly want to congratulate you. Well done, you did it. I just wish there were more people out there who were willing to congratulate others on the smaller things in life instead of focusing on the bigger achievements.

– x0


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