*Quick Reading Update*

If you follow me on Goodreads you will have already seen my latest and most recent reading updates, but I thought I may as well post one on here so that I can at least have something posted in the meanwhile. I’m still working on my next big blog post that’s going to go out, so for now here’s what I’m currently reading.

1. Gone Girl- Gillian Flynn 
Page: 110 of 466 (25%)
I’m loving this so far but I feel like I’m meant to have picked up on a really important piece of information by now that’s supposed to let me guess how this is going to end. But I’m literally clueless, in many senses of the word. I can’t wait to keep reading though and see how this story develops and where the character’s end up.

2. The Blood of Olympus (The Heroes of Olympus, Book 5)- Rick Riordan
Page: 50 of 565 (10%)
Although this IS the last book in the HOO series and the last installment within the adventures of Percy Jackon, for that exact reason I’m putting this off so badly. I was so badly anticipating the release of this book on October 7th but as soon as I started reading it I just… couldn’t really get in to it at all. I only got 50 pages in before I gave up and had to pick up something else (that being Gone Girl). Of course I am going to be picking this back up again in the near future, as I definitely want to finish off this series and see how it all concludes, but at the same time I’m no particular rush at the moment. This book was released in the middle of all of my final assessments being due, so that was a major put off as well. Don’t worry though Rick, I’ll get there.

3. Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass, Book 3)- Sarah J Maas

Page: 305 of 562 (55%)
I put this one down in anticipation for The Blood of Olympus, but I’m kind of regretting that now that I’ve put BOO down too. This story had literally just piqued my interest again after such a long slow middle section and the storyline was just coming to a head before I put it down. So many people have said that this is easily the best in the series thus far, but seeing as how the next book doesn’t come out until next year (and the next the year after that and so forth) I’m a little bit hesistant to continue. Nevertheless, my love for Dorian will ultimately prevail so I will FOR SURE be getting back into this as soon as possible


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