My New Favourite Quote

Now if there’s one thing to know about me, it’s that I’m an absolute sucker for quotes. Any time I’m reading a book, and I finish that book, a vast majority of the time the rating that I end up giving that book is highly determined by how memorable it is. If I can remember at least five quotes from it, then you know it’s a good book, or that it at least has some sort of good message behind it. A lot of my most favourite quotes are from books that I’ve read (the other half are from movies and TV shows), and the ones I remember when people ask me “what’s your favourite quote?” are typically from my all time favourite books. It changes a lot though, and on more than one occasion I’ve found myself caught out by someone who remembered me saying one quote one time, and then another a different time. That was a little awkward to say the least. But lately I haven’t been able to get this one out of my head, and even though its from a TV show- my all time favourite TV show at that- I think it still holds a lot of relevance to a lot of people.

“Three things cannot long be hidden: the sun, the moon, the truth”- Buddha.

Buddha originally said this, but I’d never even heard of it until Teen Wolf. The way that it was applied in the show just held so much relevance to the storyline and the plot that I started thinking about it more seriously in terms of my own life and my own experiences. I think this would hold true for a lot of people, and it more ways than one, which is what I think makes something like this so important. Its good to have things like this to rely on, or motivate yourself with or anything like that, because I can’t even begin to imagine how different of a person I would be if I didn’t love quotes as much as I did. Sure I can be a sucker for those stereotypically cheesy ones, but the more philosophical ones (or anything written or said by John Green) are what I find I most relate to. Call me strange for loving them so much, but quotes are something that I absolultely adore, and will continue to make a note of whenever I happen to come across a new favourite.


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