“Who Would You Bring Back From The Dead In Harry Potter?”

Recently I stumbled across a video on Youtube in which the Youtuber was asked which character, if they could only pick one, would they choose to bring back to life if they could from the Harry Potter series? Now, I’m assuming that everyone here has read the series (or at the very least watched all of the movies) so needless to say THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. A SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF SPOILERS in this blog post. So, if you do not particularly want to be spoiled on who does and/or does not die in the books/movies then please leave now. 



If you’re reading this now then I have to assume you’ve read the books and/or watched the movies, unless you’re one of those rebels who just could not give a s*** less. Shame on you if you’re one of those people, but progress as you will. Don’t say I didn’t warn you….

After watching the aforementioned video I started to think about my answer too, and I started to think about it a lot to the point where it basically haunted me in my dreams and distracted me from studying for my university exams (like I needed help on that one…). A lot of the responses that I’d seen people give to this answer was the stereotypical “oh Dobby!” “oh Fred!” “oh Cedric!” but being my typical over-observant self…. I realised that all of these are not what I’d choose at all.

Its no secret that I’m the biggest advocate for a good Marauders generation fan fiction, I mean I’ve even written some myself. I love everything about the Marauder era and learning about the lives of Sirius and Remus (Peter does not count okay, he’s as dead to me as he actually is in the books) from The Prisoner of Azkaban onwards. So naturally, I’d of course have to choose to bring James and Lily back from the dead if I only had one choice (yes I know they’re technically two people but when is one of them ever mentioned without the other? They count as one in my mind). This isn’t because they’re my OTP or because it breaks my heart to think that Sirius and Remus had to live without them for as long as they did, but simply because the entire series would be reshaped with James and Lily alive in them. In a way they’re almost central to the entire plot and the story wouldn’t be as magical or wonderful as it is without them. I truly think that with them alive, although the premise and the backbone of the series would completely rearrange, it would be that loving, happy story that we all wished Harry could have had. What better thing to think about? Of course I’d love to see Siriuis, Remus and even Fred brought back to life (*wipes tears*), I just don’t think that any of it would be as amazing without Jily. Sirius would have his best friend back, the Marauders would be complete and live on to share their secrets and adventures with the next generation and most importantly, Harry would finally have a proper family. Prongs rode against last night
He’d know his parents and he’d get to love them in a way that we can only imagine him to have. The other characters all have some sort of story in the books, whether in one line or in a full description, but we only know what we do of James and Lily through other people and I honestly think there would be nothing greater than for JK Rowling to finally give an authentically pure voice to the beloved parents that we all love so much.

I’ve always wanted, from the bottom of my heart, for JK Rowling to write something (anything) about the Marauders era and their journey through Hogwarts, and this is really no different. Yes Fred was too young to die and it’s easier to bring him back to life rather than to accept that George has to live without him, but James and Lily never got their chance either. They were young as well, and they had a son that they never really had the opportunity to truly raise and love. They always watched over him, that much is true, but the love and admiration that the Weasley’s, that Sirius and even Remus have for Harry cannot even begin to compare what that of his own parents’ would have been. Even though we get some sort of inclination when he sees their spirits and looks into others’ memories of them, its hardly a direct interaction (which makes it all the more sad as well in a way).

Others may choose Dumbeldore, but he was nearing 150 years old. I think he had his time, and he knew when his end was near.

Dobby? He died protecting Harry and ‘Team Good’ so that they could move on and fight against Voldemort. What better or more honourable death is there? Besides, Dobby’s already saved Harry once so its no surprise that he’d do so again (despite Harry’s stern warnings for him not to).

Cedric? Sad, yes, but irrelevant. “Kill the spare”

Bellatrix? While I admire her as a character, just no. She tried to kill Ginny after all.

Remus? Tonks? They had a son too and they’re a very close second and third option.

Snape? He died for Harry. He died protecting the son of the only person he’s ever loved, and I don’t think there’s any other way for him to have ever showed that than by his one final act of selflessness. After maintaining the rouse that he did for so long, I think Snape achieved his redemption and died peacefully. Harry learnt the secrets and desires of his past and came to understand why he’d been so cruel and cold against him for the past 7 years, so when Harry knew and he nodded his head in approval and awe, Snape’s mission was a success overall. He died knowing that he was triumphant and heroic, not the merciless traitor that we had so long believed him to be.

Overall, of course I’d like to bring many characters back from the dead but it is simply not realistic in the grand scope of the Harry Potter wizarding world. People die in wars and battles, that’s fact and it wouldn’t have been the heart felt journey that it was without the necessary sacrifice that JK Rowling had to make in ending the story of some of our most beloved characters. As she said herself though, whether we come back page by page or by the big screen, these characters and Hogwarts will always be there to welcome us home.


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