Everyone has something that they’re passionate about. Now, whether they know it or not, whether they’ve found it or not, doesn’t really matter because everything, in essence, is just a matter of time. Where one person is passionate about acting, singing, or dancing another might be in to sports, health and exercise.

And that is totally okay.

You might like movies and books whereas your older/younger brother or sister likes everything completely opposite to you. What matters isn’t what you’re passionate about, it’s that you’re passionate at all. So once you find this thing (or several things), hold on to it, cling to it and follow it. Put your whole heart, soul and self into it, because you’ll find that the better things in life will follow. It might take some time, but these things eventually work themselves out. It’s okay to make changes. Sometimes we need to make mistakes and try things for the first time to find out that maybe they’re not what we wanted. That’s okay too, because it makes room the right thing to come into your life and completely transform it. You might find it accidentally or by some strange, other-worldly coincidence, or maybe even through something that you’d never give a second thought to.

So don’t dwell on the little things, because if they’re truly important then they’ll find their way back to you eventually. As Luna Lovegood always says “the things we lose always have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we’d expect”


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