*Awkwardly waves hello* *Clears throat* 

Well hi. Yes yes yes, I know okay. I know. It’s been far too long since I’ve written a blog post but you know um……. I have no reason and/or excuse this time so let’s just drop this topic now and move on okay? Cool.

I thought that just to ease myself back into the swing of things that I would start off by briefly updating you guys on what’s been happening in my life recently, and what I’m looking forward to in the upcoming weeks and months 🙂 There’s actually a fair bit to get through, but most of the things I mean are pretty much entertainment-related and not so much personal agendas. To make things easier I guess I’ll just break everything down into three categories for you all:

1. School
As some of you may or may not know, I started university for the very first time on March 3rd, 2014. It seemed as though my four months of summer holidays had come and gone in the literal blink of an eye and all of a sudden I was a big girl in the big bad outside world. So I did all the typical ‘first day’ things like packing my bag the night before, laying out what I was going to wear the week before and double checking that I had everything with me and ready to go. Thankfully I only had a half day, but it did little to stifle my racing nerves in total honesty. My nerves were wracked to their greatest extent and when I stepped off the train at my station and touched off with my Myki card, well…. the reality set in. I knew which building to go to and where my room was but I was ridiculously early so I found myself sitting outside the damn place for 20 minutes before it was socially acceptable to make a move. I met up with some friends I’d made during orientation which allowed me to breathe a little more and once the class itself had started… I forgot what I’d been worrying about. 

I loved my first day. I loved my first week. I loved my second week (no, not just because I had the Labour Day public holiday off). I loved my classes and my friends (that’s right, I could call them that now, we’d been to lunch together more than once) and I loved the city lifestyle. I found myself hanging out with an entirely new crowd of people whilst still making sure to see my old bunch of friends too. My life was kind of becoming a bit of a scene out of a stereotypical American movie and I never wanted it to end. 

I even enjoyed doing my homework for the first time in forever (excuse the Disney pun). Sure we were always required to do ridiculous amounts of reading but other than that we didn’t have anything particularly substantial to do every single class… The lectures (for the most part) were entertaining and enjoyable, and even though the readings were long they were so interesting and captivating too. I’ve thus far managed to stay on track with my workload and keep on top of everything which has even let me go out with my friends a lot more than I used to. Its such a nice feeling being able to organise my life and my education the way want it to be rather than what is expected of me to do.

That’s really everything in regards to school. My next break isn’t until mid April during Easter (hey a week off is a week off) and from then not until mid semester, but I think that if things keep going the way they are right now, then I’m sure as hell am going to have a lot to look forward to.

2. Social
This was a surprising one actually. I don’t really have all that much to say other than it’s my 18th birthday in exactly two weeks and I really could not be more excited. I think I’m at that point in my life where I’m just entirely enraptured in my social life and the friends that I have and the new ones I’ve made. Don’t get me wrong I’m a family girl through and through but I can’t help thinking about my friends all the time and how much I want to spend time with them pretty much 24/7. I guess when you’re such good friends with people for such a long time then you’re bound to feel like that really.

3. Movies & TV
Okay so I will admit that I have been a little slack in this area of things but only because I’ve kind of come to the realisation of just how much TV I actually watch. Which is not really a healthy amount, so I’ve been cutting back. By this I merely mean that I haven’t been watching every single episode of every single show I watch as soon as it comes out. I’ve been downloading them of course but instead I’ve just been storing them away in their respective folders for a later date when I won’t feel as guilty for watching them. I haven’t completely cut myself off either (hello have you seen Teen Wolf? I can’t do that to myself and besides there are only two episodes left anyway). I’ve even done this for MKR and The Block. It’s just easier to read about what happened online or ask my brother to give me a brief run down of the night’s episodes, which I’m okay with now. I’m no longer that crazy paranoid anal freak.

The only thing that bothers me is that I’ve yet to see the Vampire Academy movie adaptation yet. It came out in Australia on March 6th and I’m really not sure how long it’s going to last on the big screen so I really would like to get to see it soon…. but I really am not sure if I will. Having to wait until it comes out on DVD (or even a shitty illegally uploaded version will do) will tear at me so badly. I’ve waited 6 damned long years for this I am NOT missing out okay. Okay. I’m glad we’ve settled that.

But while we’re on the subject of YA book to movie adaptations I just want to make a list of the few coming up that I am absolutely ecstatic about this year:
1. Divergent.
Oh Four. Four. Four. Four. I can’t wait until this comes out in a week! I had a lot of doubts about this adaptation simply based on the first few released trailers but now that a couple of bloggers and vloggers that I follow have seen an early premiere of it (and LOVED it) my excitement levels have gone through the roof. The cast looks phenomenal and just the overall feel of the movie is pretty much what I felt whilst reading the book so *fingers crossed*

2. The Fault In Our Stars.
Please do not even get me started on this one. If you’ve read my TFIOS book review that I wrote on this blog (one of my first ever posts and my actual first ever posted book review) then you should totally go and do that right now (just saying). I just…. [sigh] Ansel Elgort. The fact that John Green has seen this movie numerous times and continues to rave about how spectacular it is just sets my heart on overload. If I could cry for the rest of my life in joy over this fact, I would.

3. The Maze Runner.
How could this not be in here either? I mean…. Dylan O’Brien ….. My newly and recently acclaimed newest favourite actor. I’ve been dying to read this book (and the respective trilogy) for the longest time and I was even given the first book in the series as a Christmas gift! Someone please remind me to read it before September though or else I’m going to have to watch the movie before I read the book and we all know how big of a no-no that is around here.

So that’s that. That’s practically everything that’s been happening with me lately and what’s just yet to come. I must say, I’m pretty damn excited for these next few weeks and months. More than I’ve ever been I think. Life really does change once you leave high school and thankfully thus far things have turned out to be going pretty great ever since. My entire life has changed and its about to again in two weeks. Even though it simultaneously excites and terrifies me I think I’m ready to dive straight into the next and newest chapter of my life head first. There’s no use being afraid of the unknown and the unforeseeable because there’ll never be a way around that. Ever. That’s just a fact. Once you accept that though things become a lot better and a lot more easy to take on board too. That’s one of the best things I’ve learnt in the past months and one that I hope to never forget either. I’m excited to turn 18 and do all of the things I’d been doing since I was 16 and 17 (but legally this time) and more so than anything, I’m ready to just live my life without a worry in the world about what’s behind the next closed door despite my best efforts to cut a peep hole into the wood.  

– emilyp0tter


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