Being A Young Adult (And Everything That Comes With It)

Being a young adult can be fun at times true, but its mostly just a whole plethora of emotions that you periodically go through everyday. This doesn’t mean that we necessarily go through them in the same order or for the same amount of time as we did the previous day, just that they’re there nonetheless. Anyway, being a teenager is often described as both the best AND worst time in your entire life. How is that fair? The last time I checked, no 13 year olds I knew could ever be capable of handling, or preparing for, the amount of crap that comes along with teenage-dom. Sure it sounds cool and growing up can’t come fast enough but now that I’m almost 18 I’m sad to feel so old… I wish I could be that young again almost. There was nothing to worry about. I didn’t have to worry about the pressure and stress of school, feeling all the emotions everyday and I sure as hell didn’t have to even THINK about the future let alone organise it. There are so many things that I wished I’d done and so many more things that I wished I hadn’t taken too seriously either.

“Don’t worry about it” is such an underrated statement. 

People often worry about the smallest of things when in reality, and in the larger scheme of things, its so minuscule… For example, take me. I practically spent every single year of high school stressed to the point of anxiety that all I had to do was school work and home work. Now that may seem like a good thing because yes, school is SO important and getting good grades is a good thing, but it isn’t when books and notes become your life. I restricted myself from so many things like the sport that I love the most and my friends and it wasn’t making me happy at all. So worrying less can be a bad thing to a degree, but not worrying about the stupid things in life can save you a whole lot of unnecessary bullshit. 

Growing up, graduating high school and starting university has really started to make me think about the future, because its a hell of a lot closer now than it was when I was 13. If I wanted to, I could move out of home (which I will eventually do but for now let’s just keep it as a goal). I would love to move out of home, not because I dislike my parents or siblings or upbringing. Its absolutely not that at all. I’m just in love with the idea of living on my own or with a friend or two, having our own place and decorating it as we place. But when I seriously start to think about these things I realise that I’m completely in over my head. Sure all the good things come along with having a new place such as decorating and a new amount of freedom, but so many other responsibilities do too, such as:

– Bills
– Electricity
– Water
– Cleaning
– Cooking
– Bills
– Safety reasons
– Bills (I’ve said this haven’t I?)

But yes, all of these not so majestic things. And to be completely real here, everybody has that dream of living in that glamorous apartment in the middle of the city with their best friends, but most of the time that’s just not what happens. Money is the reason that this doesn’t happen simply because most of us just aren’t that well off. If you have rich parents that will provide it for you, great. If you have your own job and you work hard to pay for it, great. But that’s not just the truth in most cases. Especially mine. Sure one day I would love to have this sort of lifestyle, but for now I just need to focus on actually getting a job and setting myself up to accomplishing much smaller and more realistic goals (like buying a new pair of shoes, that would be nice). 

I’m slowly starting to learn not to worry about the smaller things in life, because honestly if its not that big of a deal right now its not ever going to be. I’ve made too many mistakes and neglected my own happiness for the sake of such things and its not worth it anymore.

So while growing up and being young can suck to the greatest extremes a lot of the time, the other half of that time is truly the greatest and I just don’t want anybody else, like me, to realise that when its too late. 

Don’t worry about the future until it happens is what I say.




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