The Fault In Our Stars- John Green (Trailer Reaction)

I first read ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ by John Green close to two years ago now, and you’ll know if you’ve read my ‘Looking For Alaska’ book review that I absolutely loved that book. I loved it so much more than any words could ever express but for now I won’t exactly dive into those reasons, I just want to share my thoughts about the official movie trailer for this novel that came out today. If I’m completely honest today wasn’t exactly the first day that I saw this trailer for the first time. I first watched it several days ago when somebody had linked it to me on Twitter because it had been leaked somewhere on Tumblr. I know I know, I’m a bad person.

I get it.

But what would you have done, really? I love this book way too much to even consider the morals behind watching the leaked version of the trailer, even if the quality was poor. Nevertheless, the official HD version was released today so I watched it again. And again, and again and again and…. yeah I think you get the idea. So much better in HD. The whole atmosphere of the trailer changed in my opinion. Now before I give you my opinions on the trailer, and what I think the movie will be like as a whole, I just want to quickly explain that these are entirely my opinions and in no way am I trying to enforce these upon anybody. They are merely my thoughts and my honest, 100% pure reactions to the two and a half minutes of footage we’re discussing here. Now that we’ve settled that, this is what I thought:

F R E A K I N G L O V E D T H I S T R A I L E R 

I honestly did. Even though I was always going to watch the trailer (eventually on repeat) I was still a little bit hesitant about actually doing so. Pressing ‘play’ for that very first time was so nerve wracking and I think that just goes to show just how much this book means to if I was that concerned about its execution as a film. However I was not disappointed, just as I have never been disappointed with anything John Green is associated with. From following his Youtube Channel I know just how involved John Green was in the production of the movie, as well as the general over-see of the filming process, and from what I could tell then I knew that the movie was in good hands. After all, who better to get inspiration and ideas from than the man who wrote the actual novel itself right? I’d watched the filming process as much as possible via John’s Youtube Channel ( and so when the trailer was released I already had an inkling that it held such promise. It definitely delivered, and for many reasons aside from the usual ‘amazing cast’, ‘beautiful scenery’ or ‘great cinematography’. This is why I think it was absolutely spectacular:

1. If you haven’t read the novel, the trailer was extremely generous in framing the film in a way that allowed the audience to know exactly what the movie was going to be about. It gave a general overview of the movie without giving too much away and positioned the uninformed audience to immediately sympathise with both Hazel and Gus

2. It wasn’t framed as your typical chick-flick love story. Now I know a lot of males who have read TFIOS and have absolutely loved it; adored it just as much as I have but for most people who haven’t read it and are told what its about, most turn away and condemn the movie as ‘just another’ movie. But I don’t believe that the trailer portrayed it as that at all. I myself made my dad watch this trailer too and he honestly seems 100% into seeing it when its released and that’s coming from a 50 year old man that hasn’t read a book in almost fifteen years. Now if it can turn an opinion like that I honestly believe that this movie can target almost every audience. The trailer doesn’t set the characters up as lovesick (excuse the pun) teenagers, but instead teenagers who are introduced to a whole new side of life and are just beginning to explore it in a completely unique way. It has humour, fun, adventure as well as romance yes, but it isn’t overwhelmed by it either. Yes, TFIOS is a love story and yes, we all love Hazel and Gus’ relationship but its also a very inspiring story with a plethora of deeper meanings in there too. And I love how that aspect wasn’t cut out. To me that’s the most important thing that a movie can have and that’s what makes TFIOS one of my favourite books. 

We read to learn and to escape, and the greatest thing you can get in return from a book is a whole new perspective on something that you probably wouldn’t have previously given a second thought to.

3. The trailer clearly showed that the film isn’t going to deviate too far away from the book. Obviously fans of this book or any book for that matter are always nervous when they know that their icon is being turned into a movie. God only knows how many amazing books out there have been butchered and mistranslated when they’ve been turned into films (*Cough* Eragon *Cough*). But in this case so many of the awe-inspiring and unique quotes from the novel have been so clearly integrated into this film that it honestly brings me pure joy to know that the same sense of meaning hasn’t been lost in translation. I’m so happy to know that the work of magic that John Green has brought into the world will not be falsely, or unjustly adapted.

All in all I cannot wait for this movie to be released. In Australia it will be the very beginning of winter when it does, and as we begin the final month of summer I’m very eagerly awaiting the turn of the season which will bring us that one step closer to this (hopefully) mind-blowing book-to-film adaptation.


Until next time guys,
– emilyp0tter


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