Book Reviews?

Being newly resurrected from a torturous reading slump these past few weeks (or has it been months?), I’ve finally gained the motivation to get up off my lazy behind and pick up my favourite hobby once more! I’ve just recently finished reading ‘Looking For Alaska‘ by John Green all but 15 minutes ago, and I feel as though it’d be a good idea to post a full book review on it here. Being an avid reader there’ll probably be more of these in the foreseeable future and that excites me.

I love books, I love talking about books and I love blogging so why not do all three things at once right?

Its way too hot (and late) at the moment to completely gather my thoughts on the novel, but I promise that tomorrow I’ll muster my spirits enough to write a decent wrap-up/review on it, so until then…

*Signs off in some sort of new and original idea that I’m yet to think of*

– Emily



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